In total € 488.100 of funds were raised and invested to restore the main building, the watermill, the sawmill, to reinstate the historical farm yard aspect and the former pigsty.

No financial- or management arrangements were needed.

During numerous events on the mill’s premises the Watermill Association is collecting donations to be utilized for restoration and maintenance of the monument ensemble. Furthermore institutional sponsors of the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany, county, district, community, Monument Protection Foundation, Bingo Environment Foundation, Savings Bank Foundation and District of Lüneburg Foundation could be won over to support the project.

The European Union supported the monument project Wassermühle Karoxbostel with € 129.000. Additional € 50.000 of EU-grants for the restoration of the former pigsty, also part of the building ensemble, but non-listed, were acquired.

No difficulties occurred during the completion of the project.