Due to the careful restoration of the monument ensemble, the authenticity and historical values have been preserved to the greatest possible extent, even though they can be used for a wide variety of events. In recognition of the highly skilled restoration work, the Watermill Association was honoured with the Federal Republic of Germany’s most important monument preservation prize, the “Landespreis 2016 / 2017 für Denkmalpflege”. Moreover, in September 2017 the Karoxbostel Mill Association was recognized by the Niedersächsisches Kultusministerium (Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture) as “Außerschulischer Lernstandort in einer Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung” (Place of extracurricular learning within an education for sustainable development) As the final step in the restoration of the monument ensemble the thatched roof on the south side of the main building was renewed. Together with the alteration of the former pigsty being finished at the same time, the Mill Association is proud to present buildings and farmyard in their original historical appearance and uniqueness.